Woman teaches dance steps to horse in this sweet video. Seen it yet?


The video showing the woman teaching dance steps to the horse is interesting to watch.

The various videos showcasing different antics of animals are always fun to watch. However, do you know what is even more wholesome than those videos? The clips that capture sweet interactions between the pets and their humans. Those are the clip that often leaves people happy. Case in point, this video involving a woman and a horse. The video shows the woman teaching a few dance steps to the animal.

The video opens to show a woman standing with a horse in front of some trees. Within moments, the woman starts moving sideways to show a few dance steps to the horse and what is interesting to watch is how the animal imitates her. This goes on almost for the rest of the video. Towards the end of the clip, the horse even receives some pets from the woman.

Take a look at the sweet video:

The video shows the incident that took place in Moscow, Russia.

What are your thoughts on the video? Did the clip leave you with a smile?

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