Woman marries the colour pink in an elaborate Las Vegas ceremony. See pics


Kitten Kay Sera’s love for the colour pink finally translated into a lavish Las Vegas wedding where she married it.

If you’re familiar with Kitten Kay Sera and her love for the colour pink, then this news may not come as any surprise to you. But in case you are not, this woman and her love affair with the colour pink has been quite the Internet sensation for a while.

The wedding was conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada and it was nothing short of an elaborate, lavish ceremony that would be arranged between two humans. She rode in on a beautiful pink car, had the best wedding guests and ‘bridesmen,’ and even the cutest, pink wedding cake. The wedding took place on January 1 and was even aired by the television channel FOX5 Las Vegas.

“I got married to the colour pink,” she captioned a photo of herself with her ‘bridesmen’ and a pink palette in her hand. “My wedding was so much fun,” Kitten Kay Sera added.

Since being posted on Instagram around four days ago, this photo has garnered more than 2,000 likes and has also accumulated many supportive comments.

“Pink truly is the best!!! Congratulations!!! What a beautiful soul you are. Pink is lucky to have you,” commented an Instagram user. “Congratulations to the world’s Pinkest Lady. I am soo soo happy and excited for you. I wish you all the best,” congratulated another. “Love it. Can we see your ring?” asked a third.

She then proceeded to post a photo of her wedding ring which was, lo and behold, pink as well. “A close up of my pink wedding ring,” reads a part of the caption to it:

Posting a photo of her beautiful, pink wedding cake with a swan theme, she wrote, “My wedding cake and cupcakes were pinktastic!”

Take a look:

Here’s the car she rode to her wedding, a pink Cadillac:

What are your thoughts on this very pink wedding?

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