Vipul and I will never work together if the story isn’t worth our time: Shefali Shah


The actor talks about collaborating with her husband, filmmaker Vipul Amrutlal Shah, and being a part of shows like Human and Delhi Crime based on grim subjects

Actor Shefali Shah’s upcoming web series, Human, is themed on the issue of human medical trials. While it’s important for her to be a part of important stories that need to be told, she has no qualms in being a part of projects meant for sheer entertainment. “Every story doesn’t need to have a moral or based on a real life incident or a life-altering project. But any project I do have to really attract me and churn me inside out for me to go and want to do it,” she elaborates.

Much like her web series Delhi Crime, Shah says that the dark world against which Human is set affected her deeply. “When I read the script, I was shocked, appalled and gagged because it’s very disturbing. Even as an audience, when you see something like a Human or a Delhi Crime, it shakes you up. These are very exhausting shows,” the 39-year-old says.

What makes this upcoming show also interesting is her collaboration with her husband, filmmaker Vipul Amrutlal Shah, 17 years after Waqt: The Race Against Time (2005). “He’s a very good and chilled-out director. And he understands that any kind of filmmaking is a collaborative process. We respect each other tremendously with what we do,” the Ajeeb Daastaans actor says, adding that they exchanged “contradicting and conflicting” creative opinions during the shoot sometimes.

Quiz her about why we didn’t we get to see them work together more frequently and Shah says, “I would never tell Vipul to make something for me and he would never tell me to do a project that he’s producing or directing just because he needs me to be a part of it. We respect each other way too much for it. If it’s not worth our time and what we deserve, we’ll never do it.”

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