Umar Riaz hits out at Geeta Kapur for comments on his profession: ‘Unfortunate that you tried to demean me’


Umar Riaz, who was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 this week, hit out at Geeta Kapur in a series of tweets for her comments on his profession. She said on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode that his ‘inherent’ aggression is not good for his career as a surgeon.

Taking to Twitter, Umar wrote, “@geetakapur you have intermingled my profession as a doctor and my behaviour in a reality show and judged me. My reaction has always been on an action towards me which you failed to understand. It’s so unfortunate that you tried to demean me on national TV just to set a narrative about me.”

“@geetakapur ma’am, I’ll tell you my inherent nature. When Covid hit all of India, I was the one working all day and night to serve my country and my people without thinking about my health because that is what I got inherent, which is to serve and to give and not think about myself,” he added in a follow-up post.

Geeta, who appeared as a panellist on Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, told Umar, “I will never want to be treated by someone with an aggression like yours. Mere liye woh darr baitha hai kyunki aap aapa kho dete hai, aapko samajh mein nahi aata aap kya kar rahe hai aur mere liye (I am scared because you lose your mind, you don’t realise what you are doing and for me), it’s a very disturbing fact that you are in a profession that needs a calm mind.”

As Geeta continued that Umar’s aggression would hamper his ability to take ‘critical decisions’ during a surgery, Kashmera Shah defended him by saying that no one would push him during his duties as a medical professional. However, Geeta stood her ground and said, “He just generally has an aggression, he is aggressive by nature. It’s his inherent nature we are talking about.”

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Umar was evicted from Bigg Boss 15 for getting physically violent towards Pratik Sehajpal during a task. Afterwards, he thanked his fans in a tweet: “It was indeed one hell of a journey but without you guys, I wouldn’t have been able to live this. Ab aur bohot aage jana hai hume (I still have miles to go), maybe not every day but I will soon hit your screens. Till then, keep loving, stay safe, maintain social distancing. This doctor is always in your hearts.”

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