Twitter thread shows what happened when someone air-fried burger for 120 minutes


There are some people who often have bizarre idea to execute. Just like this Twitter user, who went all kinds of viral, when he decided to air fry a burger, a Big Mac from McDonald’s to be specific. In the tweet that began it all, he detailed how he planned to air fry this burger 120 minutes.

However, this was not the first time that he had decided to do something like this, as he later clarified in the thread. “Now I’ve learned my lesson from last year – no hotdogs. You can see I’ve also removed the lettuce from this burger, assuming it will catch on fire,” he wrote.

A lot of people supported this funny experiment, but it was still pretty confusing to many. In the caption, he wrote, “Gonna air fry a Big Mac for 120 minutes and see what happens.”

Here’s the tweet:

He kept adding photos to the thread every few minutes as to what the burger was looking like at every stage. He approached the situation with a touch of hilarity when he posted, “Unlike last year, my wife is aware of what I am doing, and like last year, is not enthusiastic.”

This is how the first hour started:

He posted this video next, with the caption, “20 minutes have elapsed, 100 minutes remain. Like last time, I’m hesitant to interact with the object, lest I ruin the scientific nature of this test, it is extremely hard now. BACK TO THE FIRE.”

He even had safety precautions handy. He posted photos of a fire extinguisher that he got along with the caption, “I have decided to upgrade last year’s bottle off “FIRE GONE” to a real fire extinguisher this year just in case.”

Here’s what his wife said midway through the experiment:

By the end, this is what he had to express, “As two hours come to a close, I am astounded that this is for sure still edible. Do I abandon science here? Do I continue for another hour with the bread removed? Will my wife leave me? Why didn’t I open the windows earlier?”

He even tasted this burger:

The main tweet has so far received almost two lakh likes since being posted on Twitter on January 2. It also received various comments that were equally funny as the experiment.

“I predict Big Mac charcoal, that you can then use to grill real burgers,” posted one. “Living my dream I see,” commented another. “I’m so excited for this,” posted a third.

What are your thoughts on this experiment?

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