Toddler and puppy on seesaw together will melt your heart. Watch adorable video


This cute video shows how a toddler and a puppy enjoy a seesaw ride at a park together.

Going to the park and enjoying the rides there as a toddler, is always a fond memory for many to look back on. But to not only have your parents but also your adorable puppy by your side is a special experience altogether.

This video shot in Victoria, Australia, opens to show how a toddler is sitting on a seesaw all by themselves and giggling away to their hearts’ intent. On the other side of the seesaw, however, sits a cute little puppy who is quite happy to be there too and stays calm throughout the video. Both the toddler and the puppy are pretty much of the same size and thus can balance each other out on the ride.

The toddler’s parents are also observed to be quite happy with their kid and their dog bonding with each other so well. The kid keeps giggling and the dog keeps sitting calmly in perfect position on the seesaw till the very end.

Watch it here:

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