Thinking to tie the knot in October 2022: Bigg Boss contestant Priya Malik


Bigg Boss contestant Priya Malik opens up on her wedding plans, says she wants an intimate but not a virtual wedding

Actor and poet Priya Malik is all set to tie the knot with her fiance Karan Bakshi. The duo exchanged rings in a private ceremony in 2019, and the couple is now planning to take the relationship ahead. “We are planning to get married this year. We are living together right now. We are thinking October this year, providing none of the viruses keep troubling. We don’t want to do a virtual wedding. We want an intimate, low-key wedding,” shares Malik.

Bakshi and Malik had a “chanced meeting” in a lift, which led to conversation, that led to friendship and eventually companionship. “He has been a transforming force in my life,” admits the Bigg Boss 9 contestant, adding, “People tell me that I have become so calm, and I’m like its love. Love has that healing power. I used to get angry so easily but now it’ll take mountains to move me. He is one of the best things to have happened to me. I’m so much in love, that it makes me giddy.”

Malik kept her relationship with Bakshi private till they announced their engagement. “Coming back to India, finding love again has had a profound impact on me. I was not looking to get married again. I was open to it. And that’s exactly when it happened,” ends Malik.

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