Shruti Seth: Studying during lockdown helped me introspect


Actor Shruti Seth reveals how studying during the lockdown helped her find another side of her personality

The Covid-induced lockdowns over the last two years gave people the much-needed time to revisit things. And actor Shruti Seth, who utilised the time at hand by enrolling in different virtual courses, admits that studying has helped her explore a new side to her personality.

“Over the years, there has been a huge change in my overall outlook towards life and the things that matter. I have become extremely frugal with my time. I don’t want to give my time to people very easily, it has to be actually totally worth it for me to choose how I spend my time and who I spend my time with,” Seth tells us.

The Shararat and actor continues, “I have spent the last few years in lockdown, just doing courses. Now, I am six courses down which is just expanding my consciousness, and helping me understand the world as well as myself better… Realising the things that we end up doing.”

The actor, who turned 44 in December last year, asserts that it has helped in the journey of self-discovery. “Now, I spend a lot more time with myself, introspecting, and just using my time better,” she shares.

Ask her what’s the one important thing she learnt, and Seth says, “The one thing that I have learned in my last two years of studying is that you have to start trusting the timing of your life and you have to trust the process. You can’t rush things. You have to take cognizance of the fact that ‘okay, something’s happening right now. It is meant to serve you’.”

On the work front, the actor has wrapped up work on two web shows, and is waiting for them to be released. “Rest, we will see what this has brought for me,” she signs off.

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