Pug plays ‘tug of war’ with dog sister, just not in the way you’d imagine


The video of the pug and its sister will leave you giggling.

Siblings share a very special bond with each other. From showcasing their love to taking part in weird activities, this relationship consists of different things. The Internet is also filled with several videos showcasing that bond – and the clips are not just of humans but animals too. This video of two dog siblings is a perfect addition to that category. It is one of those videos that may uplift your mood almost immediately.

The video shows two very adorable dogs named Beatrix and Stevie. The clip opens to show Stevie lying on a floor while wearing a harness. Her younger sister Beatrix is seen holding the harness by her mouth. Within moments, she starts dragging her elder sister across the floor. What is absolutely funny to watch is how Stevie lies motionless, enjoying the activity with her sister.

Take a look at the video that may leave you with a wide smile on your face:

The video was captured in New Jersey, USA.

Did you love watching the video? Did you end up watching it over and over again?

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