Nia Sharma teaches Salman Khan to dance on Bigg Boss 15, he asks, ‘Will you ever do a doodh-lassi type song?’


Nia Sharma is one of the guests appearing on Bigg Boss 15 this weekend. The actor is making an appearance on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode to take the housemates to task. In a recent promo for the show, the actor is seen dancing with host Salman Khan and trying to teach him the steps to her new song Phoonk Le.

A promo for Sunday’s episode was posted by Colors TV on Instagram, which showed Nia arriving on the sets of Bigg Boss 15 with a surprise dance performance to her new song Phoonk Le. Referring to this song and Nia’s earlier music video–Do Ghoont–Salman cheekily asked her, “Will you ever do doodh-lassi type songs also or will it always be do ghoont and phoonk le?”

Nia then requested Salman to dance with her, saying, “I have seen you perform with everyone else but I don’t think you have ever performed with me.” She then proceeded to get Salman to dance with her on Phoonk Le, trying to get him to follow her choreography. Salman tried to copy Nia’s steps, at first a bit gingerly but gradually more confidently and with a smile on his face.

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Phoonk Le has been sung by Nikhita Gandhi and features Nia in the music video. Apart from promoting the song on the Bigg Boss 15 stage, Nia will also be seen challenging the Bigg Boss contestants in her appearance on the show.

In a separate promo, she can be seen addressing the housemates, asking them to name the most ‘rotten’ one among them. “Bigg Boss house is like a tree,” she says in Hindi, adding, “There are good fruits and rotten. Today we will do a task where everyone will tell us who according to them is the most rotten fruit of the house.”

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