New MacBook Air: Everything we know about Apple’s 2022 MacBook Air


Apple’s new MacBook Pro is making headlines as one of the best laptops the company has ever released, but with a starting price of $2,000, it’s not for everyone. Sure, those that need tons of processing power and an incredible display may want to save up — but if you just want to browse the web, use some productivity apps, and work on the go, the MacBook Pro simply isn’t necessary.

Thankfully, however, there’s another Apple laptop for everyone else. The humble MacBook Air is still around almost 14 years after its initial launch. The current model is a solid laptop, with Apple’s M1 chip, and a decent keyboard. But rumor has it Apple is working on a refresh that could take the laptop to the next level.

At this point, it seems as though the new MacBook Air will launch in 2022. That said, it may not actually be called the MacBook Air — one recent rumor suggests that it could just have the name “MacBook.” Interested in getting one for yourself? Here’s everything we know about it so far.


New MacBook Air design

According to most rumors, Apple will completely redesign the MacBook Air for 2022. If leaked renders are to be believed, the new MacBook Air will be kind of a blend between the new MacBook Pro, new iMac, and the previous-generation MacBook Air.

From the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air may get a new edge-to-edge display with a notch, along with MagSafe. From the iMac, the laptop may get white bezels and a chassis that could come in a range of colors. And, from the previous-generation MacBook Air, the laptop will likely get the super-thin build that has made the Air famous over the years.

According to leaks from Jon Prosser, the new MacBook Air will be thinner and lighter than the previous-generation mode, but will do away with the tapered design in favor of a uniform thickness. The leaked renders also show a laptop with MagSafe. MagSafe has been missing from the MacBook Air for a few years now. And, they show that the laptop may have a white keyboard. In renders that doesn’t look bad — though it may build dirt over time.

We’ll have to wait and see if these renders end up being accurate.

New MacBook Air display

As noted, the MacBook Air may get an edge-to-edge display with a notch. However that display likely won’t quite be as high-end as the Mini-LED display found on the most recent MacBook Pro. That said, some rumors indicate that the computer will still offer a Mini-LED display of some kind.

It’s also entirely possible that Apple won’t include a notch on the new MacBook Air. With white bezels, the notch will likely be a bit more noticeable, so Apple may avoid it.

New MacBook Air performance

The current-generation MacBook Air offers an M1 chip, which is Apple’s first-generation computer processor. It’s a great chip, but after releasing the M1 Pro and M1 Max, many are looking towards what’s next for Apple Silicon. The next chip will likely come in the form of the Apple M2 chip, which will be the company’s next-generation entry-level processor.

It’s expected that the M2 will be an eight-core chip, like the M1. But, each core will likely be faster, and the laptop may have improved graphics with either eight GPU cores, or 10. That’s up from the seven or eight GPU cores available in the M1.

New MacBook Air price and release date

We’re expecting the next MacBook Air to launch in 2022. However, it remains to be seen exactly when it will come. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the device could launch in the second or third quarter. In other words, it’s possible that it will be announced at Apple’s annual WWDC developer conference. That event usually takes place in June. We’ll have to wait and see though — it’s possible that it could be released earlier, or later. Apple often holds a Mac-focused event in October. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also noted that the laptop should be released in 2022, in his Power On newsletter.

We’re expecting the laptop to come at a similar price to the current-generation product. That’s to say, it should start at around $900 to $1000.

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