Mumbai Police posts about ‘only things that make sense these days’


Mumbai Police took to Instagram to share about the ‘only things that make sense these days’.

The ongoing pandemic has changed the lives of people across the world. In these perilous times, there are many things that are different from how they used to be. Amid them are the ways people take care of the aspect of safety in their daily lives to protect themselves and stop the spread of the virus. Several authorities also regularly take to social media to remind people of those precautions. Just like this post by Mumbai Police where they reminded people about the “only things that make sense these days.”

“The famous four precautions: the only things that make ‘sense’ these days,” they wrote. Their post is complete with different images. The images, in a creative way, reminds people about the necessity of wearing masks.

Take a look at the post:

The post, since being shared two days ago, has gathered more than 5,000 likes.

Recently, they shared another post reminding people to always follow covid precautions. “A slight edge in your defence will burn your safety to ‘ashes’. Wear Mask, get vaccinated and follow covid precautions,” they wrote and shared two images.

What are your thoughts on the posts by Mumbai Police?

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