Man never misses a catch as his wife throws random objects at him. Watch videos


These videos originally shared on TikTok and later on Instagram, show how a husband doesn’t miss a single catch when it comes to the random things that his wife throws at him.

Having good reflexes is quite a talent and this man is surely one of the most talented people when it comes to having such razor-sharp reflexes. In these videos posted on Instagram by his wife, viewers can see how she keeps throwing random objects at her husband and he ends up catching them all without fail.

This couple is famous on TikTok for posting these videos and their Instagram page goes by the name Mamasleet. Pretty much all the viral videos posted by this page show how the husband is doing something absolutely mundane, going about his day-to-day life. And the wife chooses such moments to throw random objects at him ranging from plates to bottles and the like.

He never misses a catch but is often taken by surprise and his expressions are worth a hearty laugh. The wife often uploads these videos with the hashtag #catchthis. Here are some of the video compilations of the instances where she threw objects that her husband caught – sometimes effortlessly but on other occasions, with a bit more effort.

Watch them here:

These Instagram Reels videos garner thousands of likes and several comments.

“He should use this gift… A goalkeeper maybe?” suggested an Instagram user. “I like how it doesn’t even faze him haha,” observed another. “It’s funny how she doesn’t care what she throws at him because she knows he’s going to catch it,” pointed out a third. “Love watching this over and over,” admitted a fourth.

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