Man finds a stray puppy on the road, wraps him in a coat and adopts him. Watch


This video posted on Reddit shows how a stray puppy was found by a man who wrapped him up in his coat and adopted him.

The videos on the Internet that show humans finding tiny animals – puppies, kittens or otherwise – and then taking care of them, are always heartwarming to watch. This video posted on Reddit shows how a man found a little puppy on a road that was covered with snow. Not only does he pick the puppy up from the side of the road but also proceeds to adopt him.

The video opens to show the man bending down to the puppy and wrapping him up in his coat. After he does this, he lifts the puppy up and uncovers the coat from the puppy’s eyes so he could continue to see. This adorable bonding is very cute to look at.

The cute puppy video also came with a detailed caption, “Found this guy on the side of the street today with the lady. Used a coat to pick him up as I wasn’t sure if he’d bite. Mate was happier than ever to get in the car. He got a bath at home and now is on the bed. I think we may be adopting.”

Watch it here:

Since being shared on the subReddit r/aww around seven hours ago, this post has raked in more than 1,200 upvotes. It has also accumulated several comments from puppy lovers.

“I love to see people help animals. Nicely done,” commented a Redditor. “You’re a hero. I hope he has a long and happy life,” pointed out another. “I demand more videos of said pupper” posted a third. “Yes, great job helping that lil buddy,” wrote a fourth.

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