Kid’s ecstatic reaction to seeing her duck-themed room will make you smile too


There are some videos on the Internet that are so wholesome that they not only make you smile but also leave you with a lingering feeling of happiness. This video about a girl’s reaction to seeing her duck-themed room is a perfect inclusion to that category. This happy video may also uplift your mood almost instantly.

The video was originally posted on Instagram last year with the caption “Riley seeing her new duck bedroom had me in tears”. It has again captured people attention after recently being re-posted on Reddit.

“Mom made a duck room for her daughter. Her reactions are just too precious!”, reads the caption of the post shared on Reddit. The video opens to give a glimpse of the room and then shows the girl entering it for the first time. Within moments of entering, she expresses her joy on seeing the amazingly duck-themed room.

Take a look at the happy video:

The video, since being shared two days ago, has accumulated nearly 14,000 upvotes. The post has also gathered tons of comments.

“I find impressive how parents can translate toddler’s language so precisely. I cannot understand one word a toddler says,” wrote a Reddit user. “This is ducking cute!” shared another. “‘A mermaid duck! Wow… cool…’ Couldn’t stop laughing,” posted a third.

What are your thoughts on the sweet video of the girl and her duck-themed room?

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