Is TikTok’s moon phase trend to check compatibility with your love, reliable?

Is TikTok’s moon phase trend to check compatibility with your love, reliable?

Tik Tok’s latest trend to figure out one’s perfect soulmate has taken the internet by storm. As per the moon phase trend, if the moon phase on your birthday and the moon phase on partner’s birthday, can be brought together to form a ‘perfect’ full moon, then as a couple, you are made for each other.

Tik Tok’s latest trend to figure out one’s perfect soulmate has taken the internet by storm. (Twitter)

However, noted astrologers don’t endorse the concept behind the latest trend. In an article by Anna Iovine, have quoted astrologer and author Lisa Stardust who said “This isn’t really valid. It has more to do with the zodiac sign of the moon and the whole chart together. It’s not [as] simple as just the lunar phase.”

Stardust explained the significance of the moon phases and said “As the moon grows from new to full it brings us enlightenment and growth.The moon’s phases help us evolve as people and understand our individual needs and the needs of the collective.”

Nonetheless, astrologers like Lauren Ash do agree that phases of the moon at the time of your birth, have an impact on your personality. In an article on, Ash has been quoted for her views on the phases of the moon and how they play a role in a person’s emotional needs and desires. Here are the eight phases of the moon and what they might mean to you if your were born during one of these.

New Moon: According to Ash, individuals who are born during a new moon are typically enthusiastic and driven, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. They are outgoing and openly express their emotions without hesitation. They have a strong desire to explore and discover new experiences.

Waxing Crescent Moon: Ash suggests that people born during a waxing crescent moon tend to be assertive individuals who are not afraid to pursue their goals. They are confident in their approach and prefer to communicate their feelings openly and straightforwardly. They are unafraid to take bold actions in order to achieve their objectives.

First Quarter Moon: Individuals born during a first quarter moon may exhibit high levels of independence and bravery. They are often self-reliant and do not shy away from taking risks or facing challenges. They may appreciate being pushed out of their comfort zone and seek a partner who can motivate and support them to become their best selves.

Waxing Gibbous: Individuals born during the waxing gibbous phase of the moon are typically down-to-earth, pragmatic, and able to adjust to new situations easily. In matters of the heart, they are usually empathetic and honest in their interactions with others.

Full Moon: According to Ash, individuals born during a full moon phase may possess a strong emotional sensitivity and an intense passion for expressing their feelings. Although they may appear cautious at first, their commitment and loyalty to those they care about are profound and unwavering.

Waning Gibbous: Individuals born during the waning gibbous phase of the moon tend to have a strong sense of self and value partners who are self-assured. They possess excellent reasoning skills and are adept at actively listening to the needs of others while effectively expressing their own thoughts and feelings. Additionally, they are typically pragmatic and level-headed in their decision-making.

Last Quarter: Individuals born during the last quarter phase of the moon tend to have an easy-going nature and enjoy partners who are open-minded and receptive to new experiences. They value authenticity and honesty in their relationships, but may struggle with making long-term commitments.

Waning Crescent: Ash suggests that individuals born during the waning crescent phase of the moon may not be comfortable with vulnerability. They have a strong sense of passion and determination, but they may become restless or avoidant if they feel trapped or constrained in any way.

Meanwhile, the final verdict by astrologers is to not rely on the tiktok trend as a mode of testing each other’s compatibility in a relationship.

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