Holidify co-founder Kovid Kapoor on his name and how his tweet got viral


In the midst of growing tension around coronavirus or Covid-19, being named Kovid Kapoor might be interesting. Or at least that’s what the co-founder of a travel website named Holidify seems to think. His Twitter bio now wittily reads, “My name is Kovid and I’m not a virus.”

In regard to a recent trip outside of India, he shared a tweet about how he felt his “Future foreign trips are going to be fun.”

Here’s what he wrote:

Speaking to Hindustan Times, he explained what his name actually means. “It comes from Hanuman Chaleesa – kavi kovid kahi sake kaha te – and means vidvaan/scholar/learned,” he . When it comes to pronouncing his name, he goes on, “The D is pronounced with a soft “d”, like “darwaaza” in Hindi or Urdu.”

Here’s what he added to the thread in this context:

“Hope people didn’t see you with a Corona beer,” commented a Twitter user. In reply to this, here’s the hilarious picture posted, along with the caption, “Now that you mention it…”:

This, of course, isn’t the sole such remark he’s heard. His name, he tells Hindustan Times, has also prompted responses like, “LOL, you’re kidding!” 

In another tweet, he mentions, “For my 30th bday, my friends ordered a cake – and Amintiri automatically assumed that it’s some kinda joke, and it should be spelled with a C, not a K.” 

Here’s the tweet:

“When Google thought that I misspelled my name, in my own Gmail search,” reads the caption to a screenshot of it:

Here’s what happened on a call with a Zoomcar customer care guy:

The main tweet in this thread, since being posted on January 4, has garnered almost 40,000 likes and several reactions. Basking in this Internet fame, Kovid Kapoor tells us, “I’m loving it! Gotten so much attention since yesterday, it’s unbelievable! I feel like a mini-celeb – giving radio interviews, for example. Although it will probably wear out in a few days, I’m having a great time so far.”

What are your thoughts on this viral tweet by Kovid Kapoor?

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