Hina Khan posts pics of red marks on face for wearing masks 24×7, says entire family except her tested Covid-19 positive


Actor Hina Khan on Saturday shared a post revealing the ‘harsh reality’ as everyone in her family tested positive for Covid-19, excepting her. In a post on Instagram, she said that she has to wear a mask round the clock and shared pictures of it leaving red marks on her face – she called them ‘battle marks.’

Hina Khan posted a series of selfies that she clicked in the bathroom. In the pictures, her cheeks had red marks and she struck different poses. She wore a black and white nightdress, tied her hair up and her mask was hung from her neck.

She captioned the pots, “Harsh Reality: These days life and Instagram both are mostly about nice pictures with lovely visuals..but when it’s 2020×2 (2022) I guess the reality is twice as difficult as 2020… When everyone in the family tests positive for covid and you are the only negative in the house, you have to gear up with masks and sanitisers 24×7 and look after the entire family..safe to say there will be marks behind .. just like the ones I got after wearing my masks 24/7.”

She added, “But as they say when life presents itself as an obstacle course .. become a ninja warrior.. or at least try… And this post is to tell you that trying is enough.. it gets you to the other side just fine… Let us all try and fight it again .. with scars and battle marks .. just like a warrior… This too shall pass and remember when Life gives you lemons make a bloody lemonade. P.S.- #BathroomSelfie #NinjaWarrior #FighterForReal #RealityIsHarsh #DoubleMaskUp #MaskIsYourShield #sherrkhanisback #InspireYourselfToInspireOthers.”

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Last year in April, Hina had issued a statement on Instagram saying that she had tested positive for Covid-19. “In these extremely difficult and challenging times for me and my family, I have tested positive for Covid-19. Following the guidance of my doctors, I have home quarantined myself and taking all necessary precautions,” she had said.

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