Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz Answers 22 December 2021: Win Free vouchers, Mobile

Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz

Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz Answers 22 December 2021 | Flipkart is India’s leading online shopping platform or E-Commerce site. Now it’s with Flipkart fake or Not Quiz contest where they will ask you some question and if you gave all the answers correctly and you can win Flipkart Gift cards, Supercoins, vouchers, smartphones and many more for Absolutely Free. Now Here we are comes with an another quiz contest which is fake or Not fake quiz contest.

So if you are looking Flipkart Fake or Not answers of Today’s quiz then you have landed right place. So here in this article we are sharing with you all the details and Flipkart Fake or Not Answer for you. You just need to scroll down and copy ans from below & Give it correctly.

Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz


Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz

Flipkart daily quiz is held every day from 12 PM midnight. This quiz is very popular in India and many users participants in the quiz everyday. That’s why in this post we are all answers for you

Quiz NameFlipkart Fake or Not Quiz
Date22 December 2021
TimeAll Day
PrizeFree vouchers, Mobile, Supercoins
All AnswersAdded

How to Play Fake or Not Quiz?

  • Install & Open the App Android | IOS
  • Go to Game zone
  • Look for Fake or Not Quiz & Click on it
  • Copy ans from below
  • Now give answer correctly & Submit
  • That’s it!

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Flipkart Fake or Not Quiz Answers Today

Here below we are adding all the correct answers. You just need to open Flipkart App, participants in the Offer and copy answers from below and give it correctly.

(22 December 2021)

Question 1: Frog are the tiniest animal with a backbone. .

Answer 1: NOT FAKE

Question 2: Late Milkha Singh was given the title ‘Flying Sikh’ by the then president of Pakistan

Answer 2: NOT FAKE

Question 3: Halley’s comet cannot be seen more than twice in one’s lifetime.

Answer 3: NOT FAKE

That’s it! Now you will see that you are a winner or not. You can win free Vouchers, gems.

OLD Answers:

Question 1: Grasshoppers have ears on their stomachs.

Answer 1: Not Fake

Question 2: Cannes Film Festival happens annually in Milan.

Answer 2: Fake

Question 3: Radio was invented before the telephone.

Answer 3: Fake

Question 1: Owls cannot move their eyeballs.

Answer 1: Not Fake

Question 2: The original story of Shahenshah was written by Jaya Bachchan

Answer 2: Not Fake

Question 3: The first credit card in India was issued in the year 2000.

Answer 3: Fake

Question 1: You can only catch dengue once in a lifetime?

Answer 1: Fake

Question 2: A human produces enough saliva throughout their life to fill two swimming pools

Answer 2: Not Fake

Question 3: The state of Hawaii moves closer to Alaska every year

Answer 3: Not Fake


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