Dog teaches puppy to sit for a treat, video is hilariously cute


“That is ridiculously cute,” wrote a Reddit user while reacting to the video involving a dog and a puppy.

In today’s edition of dog videos that are cute, as well as, hilarious, here is a clip involving two dogs. There is a chance that you will end up having a good laugh after watching the video.

Originally shared on TikTok, the video is now being posted by many across various social media platforms. Just like this Reddit user who wrote, “This dog teaching her puppy to sit is the best thing I saw today” while posting the clip.

The video opens to show the older dog sitting on the floor and the young one jumping in front of her. A person is heard saying in the background that the pooches will not receive treats if the puppy doesn’t sit down. To which, the big dog does something that has now tickled people’s funny bone. Take a look:

The video has been shared a few days ago. Since being posted, it has gathered nearly 11,000 upvotes and counting. The share has also accumulated tons of comments from people.

“Sit down, Chad. That’s the only way you’ll get the treats. Goddamit sit!” joked a Redditor. “Awww,” posted another. “That is ridiculously cute,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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