Dog refuses treats until its dad performs a magic trick with it. Watch


This video uploaded on Instagram shows how a doggo doesn’t take its Greenies (dental treats) unless its dad performs a magic trick with it.

Dogs are always the cutest and most interesting creatures to be around and look at. In this video originally posted on TikTok and later on Instagram, viewers can see a cute little doggo who refuses to take its dental treats unless its dad performs some magic trick with it.

The video opens to show the dog sitting and looking at the dad but with no intention of even touching the dental treat that he is seen handing out to it. Soon enough, judging by the dog‘s behaviour, the dad knows that he now has to perform a magic trick with it. As soon as he bamboozles the doggo, the pooch is ready to get a hold of its dental treat – a Greenie.

Gabby, the person whose dog and dad were seen in the video, shared it on Instagram with the caption, “I just posted my dad’s first TikTok on my page and it just hit 3M views!!! This man was born to be a star (or maybe it’s the dog).” The caption ended with a thinking emoji.

Watch the funny dog video here:

The original Instagram Reels video was posted five days ago and has garnered more than 250 likes. It has also accumulated several comments from dog lovers on the app.

“Can’t stop watching,” commented an Instagram user. “This is too cute,” posted another. “It’s the dynamic duo,” reads a third comment. “This is so heartwarming,” posted a fourth. “But for real, where did it go the first time?” asked a confused individual in reference to the dog treat.

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