Dog ran into a glass door once. Now he does this every time he sees one. Watch


The video of the dog’s reaction after seeing a sliding door was posted on Instagram.

Yet another day and yet another dog video that may leave you chuckling. This video, shared on Instagram, shows a dog named Buddy and its relationship with doors. There is a chance that the clip will make you say aww too.

“This is Buddy. He ran into a glass door once. Now he’s h*ckin skeptical. 14/10,” reads the caption posted along with the video on the Instagram page WeRateDogs.

The video opens to show a dog standing behind an open sliding door that he needs to pass in order to enter a house. Instead of passing through the door, the pooch is seen hesitating. A text appearing on the screen explains why. Turns out, the dog once ran into a glass door and since then, he is skeptical of doors. That, however, is not all that the video shows. So, take a look at the ending which is super sweet to watch.

The video has been shared about six hours ago. Since being posted, the clip has accumulated more than 80,000 likes and the numbers are quickly increasing. Many shared their comments while reacting to the sweet video. Some also showcased their support for the dog.

“Fool me once, drool on you. Fool me twice, I still drool on you,” joked an Instagram user. “The paw test… always the paw test,” shared another. “I ran into a glass pane once as a kid, I don’t blame him!” related a third. “It really is the cutest ending. This world would be so boring without dogs,” wrote a fourth.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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