Dog gets mad at human, he does this to make the pooch happy. Watch cute video


The video of the dog and its human may make you saw aww.

It is often hard to stay mad at your loved ones, especially when they shower you with affection. Turns out, the case is same for the dogs too – or at least that is what this video suggests. It is a clip that shows how a dog, who was mad at its human, reacted when its human did something adorable.

The video, originally posted on Tiktok, is now being re-shared by many. Just like this post on Instagram. “Can’t stay mad when hooman gives you kisses,” shared with this caption that video is super cute to watch.

The clip opens to show a dog standing in front of the man. Though the man is trying to pet the pooch, it is looking somewhere else, probably to express its anger. This goes on for a few moments until the man shower it with lots of kisses and pets.

Take a look at the video:

Since being posted about 20 hours ago, the video has accumulated more than 1.7 lakh likes and counting. It has also gathered varied comments.

“Such a big baby,” wrote an Instagram user. “He’s so adorable,” shared another. “Now that’s a big dog. He’s adorable though,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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