Delhi eatery sells thalis at just Rs. 10, netizens laud initiative. Watch


This video posted on Instagram shows an eatery named Sita Ji Ki Rasoi by Granth Foundation where meals are served at a nominal price of Rs. 10 and sometimes even for free.

Feeding people is an act of kindness that is deeply rooted in Indian traditions. And to feed those who can barely afford to eat is an act worth being appreciated. This eatery known as Sita Ji Ki Rasoi that is being run by the Granth Trust and Foundation, is known for doing exactly that. The eatery that they have set up, is located in Rohini, Delhi.

This video has been shared on Instagram by a food blogger named Abhishek who goes by the name The Foodie Hat. It opens to show how thalis are being served at just Rs.10. The food is being served in plates where they add rice, roti, some kind of dal or veggies, according to what is available

The best part of this eatery is that they not only serve food at a very nominal rate but also free of cost, if people are unable to pay. This noble initiative has captured the attention of many and the caption also explains that people can join the foundation if they wish to help in any way. It also details, “They provide unlimited lunch (12-2pm) at Rs. 10/- or free if you are not able to pay.”

Watch the video right here:

Since being shared on Instagram on January 1, this video has garnered more than 3.8 lakh views. It has also accumulated several supportive comments.

“I went there and tried, surprisingly the food given was more than expected. The thali was full of food with roti rice and dal. Though the taste is decent, for a hungry stomach it’s no less than a blessing. It’s a very nice initiative,” commented an Instagram user, followed by a heart emoji. “Wow, great initiative,” posted another. “It gives relief to some people and they can save some money for family as well,” commented a third.

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