‘Dancing traffic cop’ shares what inspires her to serve the country. Watch video


In this video shared on Instagram by Humans of Bombay, the ‘dancing traffic cop’ shows what inspires her to serve the country and volunteer as a traffic cop.

The videos that show people excelling in the career paths of their choice, while they are also happy, are always a delight to watch. This video posted on the official Instagram page of Humans of Bombay, shows shows one such person’s journey. It details the story of the ‘dancing traffic cop’ Shubhi Jain and how she became what she is today.

Via text inserts throughout the video, Jain narrates her journey. At first, she got an MBA degree because her father wanted her to. But soon she followed her heart and started volunteering as a traffic cop. To her disappointment, people were often unwelcoming towards her because of her profession. But she really wanted to change this and that is what drove her into being such an entertaining and energetic traffic cop.

She started thanking people for following traffic rules. Soon somebody posted her video and see was dubbed as the ‘dancing traffic cop’ by netizens. After that, she also tried her hands at being a radio jockey, while continuing her volunteering activities. “I love that I get to serve the country. There is no greater joy than spreading joy!” reads the caption of the video.

Watch the video that shows her journey here:

Since being posted on Instagram around a day ago, this video has garnered more than 1.3 lakh likes. It has also received several heartwarming and supportive comments.

“Superwoman,” complimented an Instagram user. “Wow this is so inspiring,” posted another, followed by a heart emoji and a heart-eyed emoji. “Nothing greater than bringing smiles and joy to people. And all this through your hard work,” observed a third.

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