‘Daddy’s girl’: baby starts crying when dad leaves but not when mom does. Watch


This Instagram Reels video shows how this adorable baby starts crying when her dad leaves the frame but keeps calm when her mom does.

The bond between a father and a daughter is always special and the term ‘daddy’s little girl’ has come into being for this very reason. This video posted on Instagram shows how differently a baby girl reacts when her dad leaves compared to when her mom does.

The video opens to show the family sitting on the floor together, wearing matching red, flannel clothes. Initially, it is the dad who waves to the baby and leaves the frame. As soon as this happens, the baby starts crying and her mom gets upset that she does. Next, it is the mom’s turn to leave and when she does, the baby keeps smiling and stays calm. Her dad is seen sitting beside her at this point.

The video was posted on Instagram by the mom – Albina Mart. And she captioned the video by writing, “Mommy’s girl or Daddy’s girl?” This was followed by a heart emoji.

Watch the cute baby video here:

Since being posted on December 17 on Instagram, this video has raked in more than 11.3 million views. It has also accumulated several heartwarming comments on it.

“All little girls are daddy’s girls and have them wrapped around their little fingers forever. Just the way it’s supposed to be,” commented an individual. “I say mama’s girl because she is confident and secure when you leave – speaks volumes about the attachment she has to you. This is in no way saying she doesn’t have a healthy attachment to daddy though,” pointed out another. “Awww daddy’s girl,” commented a third.

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