Cats’ different reactions to being told they’re adopted is hilarious. Watch


This video posted on Instagram shows how three cats react very differently when they are told by their human that they are all adopted.

Cats can have some of the funniest and most relatable reactions to things which can be very relatable to watch. In this video posted on Instagram, viewers can see how three different cats are told the same thing but they react differently to it, just like humans would.

The video opens to show a human talking to their three cats and telling them, one by one, that they are adopted. The first cat is mildly shocked but it is not of much concern. The second one barely cares. But it is the third one whose reaction will make you laugh out loud.

Chase, Millie and Skye – the three cats in order of appearance, are some of the cutest cattos. But it is Skye’s reaction that is making the Internet say ‘aww.’ “Who do you think took the news lightly?” reads the caption accompanying this video.

Watch the funny cat video right here:

Since being posted on Instagram around a week ago, this video has garnered more than 3.5 lakh likes. It has also accumulated several comments from cat lovers.

“Skye always has the best reactions,” commented a fan of this catto. “All of your cats are paid actors,” joked another, followed by a laughing emoji. “We were ALL waiting for Skye’s reaction,” confessed a third. “Millie took the news lightly. I think Skye took it the hardest!” observed another.

What are your thoughts on this cat video?

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