Cat reacts to another feline sitting inside a container, video goes viral with over 16 million views


The viral video of a cat’s reaction to another sitting inside a container has prompted people to share various comments.

‘If it fits, I sits,’ if you are a cat parent or are someone who loves watching the different videos showcasing the antics of felines, then you may be aware that the furry creatures often sit in unlikely places – even inside tiny spaces. This is one such video that shows a cat sitting inside a thin container and it is funny to watch. What, however, is even more hilarious in the video is another cat’s reaction to this whole situation.

The video was originally posted on the Instagram page maruhanamogu. However, the hilarious clip captured people’s attention after being re-shared by another Insta page. “Hey kitten, this is the way forward roll,” they wrote while posting the video.

We won’t give away what the clip shows, so take a look:

The video, since being shared two days ago, has gone crazy viral. Till now, it has accumulated more than 16 million views and the numbers are quickly increasing. The share has also gathered various comments from people.

“‘I’m done leave me alone’. Lol,” joked an Instagram user. “I burst out laughing,” shared another. A few also posted laughing out loud emoticons to showcase their reactions.

What are your thoughts on the viral video of the cat?

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