Cat accompanies human on work trip, stays at luxurious hotel. See pics


This post shared on Reddit shows how a cat named Pandora accompanied her human on a work trip and stayed at a very luxurious hotel.

To travel with your pets and relax with them is an underrated pleasure that very few humans get to enjoy. Like that one time a man boarded a flight with his cat, this time a human has taken their cat with them to a luxurious hotel where they had gone for a work trip.

Being majestic creatures themselves, cats are known to fit in very effortlessly into situations of luxury. These photos shared on Reddit show how a cat named Pandora was accompanying her human on on their work trip.

“Took my cat on a work trip with me & we stayed at the Waldorf Astoria,” reads the comment that accompanies these photos of the cat simply relaxing on the bed with her toy. There are also some photos of the luxurious hotel itself.

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Since being shared on the subReddit r/aww around a day ago, this post has raked in more than 2,500 upvotes. It has also accumulated various comments from cat lovers.

“If any cat looks like they fit in there, yours is the one. Almost like they built it FOR your cat,” commented a Redditor. “Cat lives better than I do” posted another. To this, the original poster replied, “Lol she lives better than I do, too! She always gets on our video calls & gets sad when I leave her on travel. So I took her to see how it was. She has even gotten an invite to come onsite with me in 2 weeks. I’m really happy I can bring her with me instead of leaving her home. She may be a cat, but she hates being by herself.” “I just love this so much. Fun and joy to the two of you always,” wrote a third.

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