Bald eagle swoops in, snatches fish away before a person can catch it. Watch


The video shows how a bald eagle hovered around a lake in Canada until it snatched away a fish before a person could reel it in.

People who live near lakes that have ample fish are often engaged in fishing as a hobby. This video shows one such person who certainly enjoys fishing. But can their love for fishing ever surpass the love that a bald eagle has for the same?

The video opens to show somewhat of a competition between this person who was trying to catch a fish and a bald eagle who was seen hovering right above. The video was shot at Pinantan Lake in British Columbia, Canada. The person who can be seen fishing in the video, is sitting on a boat on the lake as they have a fishing rod out.

The eagle is seen circling around this situation for a few seconds before it swoops in with a lot of confidence. Being skilled at catching fish, the bird quickly snatches the catch that was almost getting reeled in by this person.

Watch it here:

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