Baby bull gets trapped in a hay ring, gets saved by the fire department. Watch


This video shows how the fire department helped rescue a little baby bull when it got its head stuck in a farming equipment known as a hay ring.

The videos that show animals getting saved from situations they shouldn’t be in, are always a relief to watch. More so, when these videos are of baby animals who get safely rescued. This video shows a baby bull who, unfortunately enough, got stuck in a hay ring that is used in a farm.

The video opens to show the little bull standing with its head stuck in between the ridges of the farming equipment. The fire department was called for some emergency action in the situation and they safely and surely saved this little bull. They ensure this with the help of a tool called the ‘jaws of life’.

The video was shot in Huntsville, Alabama. By the end of it, viewers can see that the baby bull safely got its head out of this hay ring. The tiny animal felt so much relief as this happened that it started running as soon as its head was released.

Watch the video right here:

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