Artist creates handbag using orange peels. Images and video may mesmerise you


Food artist Omar Sartawi posted images and video of the handbag he created using orange peels on Instagram.

An incredible creation by food artist Omar Sartawi has left people in awe. He created an amazing handbag using orange peels. There is a chance that the images and a video of his creation will leave you mesmerised.

He shared about his creation on his official Instagram page through different posts. Just like this post where he shared an image of the handbag. “Orange Peels Leather Bag. Orange peels leather on gold plated brass with a hand carved Malachite Stone,” he wrote. In the next line he also added that he created the piece in “collaboration with international Bahraini High End Bag Designer.”

Then there is this share that gives a glimpse into the creation process of the handbag:

Here is another post that shows one part of the bag:

All the posts received tons of appreciative reactions from people. “Very interesting design,” wrote an Instagram user. “Beautiful,” shared another. “So cool,” expressed a third.

What are your thoughts on this interesting creation?

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