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In 2021, there was only one Apple product that sold out in a weeks time. It wasn’t the Apple Watch Series 7, iPhone 13, or the new MacBook Pros. It was a $19 polishing cloth. Back in October, Apple announced that, along with its mobile computing and wearable businesses, the global tech giant would venture into the booming polishing cloth industry. To no surprise, the
$19 Polishing Cloth

was met with parody, cringe, and a profitable reception. Remaining out of stock since, Apple today made its tech-essential accessory available for purchase again, and you’ll want to act fast before the batch sells out.

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The Apple Polishing Cloth is exactly what it is; a $19, soft and nonabrasive pad that is meant to clean the smudges off your iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBook display. It’s basically a microfiber cloth for Apple’s diehard fans. The Polishing Cloth is also certified to clean the nano-textured glass found on the $5,999 Pro Display XDR.

As mentioned before, the accessory sold out in less than a week — both online and in-stores — when first launched, so I’m not expecting anything different this time around. This is an online-only offer and if you place your order quick enough, Apple promises a delivery date as soon as this Friday.

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If you’re just wanting some microfiber cloths to keep your glossy tech gadgets fingerprint-free and don’t mind the absence of an Apple logo, Amazon carries a pack of 24 for $13.91. With Prime shipping, you can get a stack delivered to your address by next Tuesday.

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